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Nothing beats a backpacking trip through some of the largest and oldest trees on the western coast. Four friends, four days, and countless memories. If you ever have the chance to visit this place of wonder, it leaves you transformed. This park is has survived and thrived for hundreds of years, ever growing and always changing.

the first of many adventures

Sometimes you have to just pack your car and hit the open road, even if it means throwing caution to the wind. Theres something about the spontaneous nature of a hearts wild desire that always leads you to a place of magic. For us, it’s usually found in nature. On a gloomy afternoon in Sausalito, we decided we needed sun, and we needed a lot of it. One flat tire and seven hours later we placed our barefoot soles onto the chilled desert sand. Joshua Tree. Truly a world unlike others as the basin of desert supports larger than life boulders and pointed cactus trees. Time slowed down quietly and the fall crisp air was fresh and sharp upon my face. Stretching our legs we found a open space to rest for the night, illegally camping among the rocks that took shape into people and places I’ve seen before. Piled under six blankets we had drug with us from the car a ways off, I closed my eyes and let the night sky take my dreams. There is a silence that exists in the expansive basin surrounding us. But even in the quietest of places, there is a whole world of life. We awoke just before the morning light spilled into the valley, slowly warming up what the night had cooled. Morning had come, but the wind still twirled its chill around the landscape. I climbed up a ladder of boulders until I reached the top. Lowering myself down, I wrapped a blanket around me, and closed my eyes. Paradise at last.