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keep your heart strong

Southbound, somewhere along the i5, a rainbow emerged from the storm clad clouds. Promising a taste of something newly exposed from the winter rain, you couldn’t stop the humbling feeling of chemistry becoming natures beauty right before your eyes. A token of color to remember as the days begin to move at an ever accelerating pace. Our project started like most everything else, an idea. Six months later we are in the final stages of preparing for a year long expedition. North pole to south pole, ice to desert, mountain top to the deep blue sea, traversing high and low to discover what tomorrow holds. Environmentally, we are in pursuit of first world effects upon 7 unique and fragile ecosystems. Consciously, we hope to capture the human thread that weaves across cultures and through generations. As we embark upon 2012 with a fierce excitement and two duffel bags full of anticipated adventure, ‘we are free as the birds that fly with weightless souls’.