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Thule Hunter

We want to begin today by thanking all of our followers who have been with us from the beginning. It is with your encouragement, faith, and continued interest in our project that keeps us heading south along the 70 degrees west longitude. To our new fans, you give us inspiration and the reminder that people are listening, and these stories need to be shared.

After two months in the arctic circle, months of editing still photographs and video footage, we are pleased to release our Greenland trailer, THULE HUNTER. Stay tuned for the Greenland documentary short in the coming months!

It is said that Greenland means ‘the land of man’. To the Greenlandic natives, it is home, where the dark days and sunlit nights demand the human spirit to endure at all costs.

Dressed in polar bear pants, seal skin mittens, and a reindeer jacket hand made by his grandmother, Thomas Martika has never left his home town of Qaanaaq, Greenland. Struggling to hold on to his culture despite changing times, he shares his concerns, “Scientist say there are not many narwhals, or walrus, but form our eyes we can see a lot of animals. We try to say to our government what it’s like here but our government does not hear from us, they only follow the word of the scientist. But our quota is too low and we can’t hunt very many animals, maybe only enough for 10 or 20 hunters. Many young children must go and look elsewhere for another job.” With limited options to make money, many of Greenland’s youth have strayed from the traditional Inuit ways.

Greenland is an island of unparalleled beauty, and the coexistence between humans and animals depends upon the delicate balance of nature in the harshest of places.

A film by 70 Degrees West
Justin Lewis
Michelle Stauffer

Let us know what you think, and feel free to share with your friends and community.

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  1. This is so amazingly beautiful. I can’t wait for more!

    February 5, 2013
  2. Look forward to seeing your documentary; the imagery and landscapes of this remote part of the world are absolutely haunting. Your writing, reporting, and photography has always been of the highest quality. Please keep up the great and important work!

    February 5, 2013
  3. Butterflymaiden #

    …hi guys! …nice video! enjoy your trip and thanks for share with us!

    February 3, 2013
  4. diondra #

    loved the short clip by Ms stauffer and her partner. excellent work. look forward to more things coming from this talented. duo

    February 2, 2013
  5. Wonderful, wonderful post as always. Love the video, love your adventures, love your dedication to this project. Thanks for sharing.

    February 2, 2013
  6. Joanne Mangiame;li #

    thank you …so amazingly and thoughtfully done. This will be a great opportunity to become a part of their lives. Thank you for letting me in.

    February 1, 2013
  7. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the whole thing!!

    January 31, 2013
  8. What beautiful footage from just the trailer — I look forward to the full short documentary, and learning more. Such mixed emotions as this story unfolds. ~ Kat

    January 30, 2013
  9. Even if Greenland belongs to one of the Nordic countries, Denmark – is it not a place we give much thought up here. I followed you journey through your blog … what a journey you made.
    Been to Antarctic myself, winter 1978-79 (their summer) – and I visit McMurdo Station, still if that is a big station – I admire that they can take the remote living. Same with Russian Vostok Station. Thanks for a wonderful and interesting journey. Must say that Antarctic is the most beautiful places on earth.

    January 30, 2013
  10. The cinematography of your trailer is haunting and beautiful… Looking forward to the documentary.

    When Thomas Martika says that his government only follows the word of the scientist it reminded me of my own sense that organized science can be as dogmatic and demanding as organized religion. We turn to the guys in lab coats for guidance the same way we used to turn to the clergy. But nobody in science or religion has all the answers.

    January 30, 2013
  11. betsy moore #

    Your creative art from your adventures traveling with an inspiring mission really expresses your passion for a great cause. Thank you for sharing, excellent.

    January 30, 2013
  12. Susan Jarrah #

    Thank you for bringing such a lovely story to the forefront.
    My family and I share your passion for this Earth and the precision that exists in its balance.
    The Jarrahs

    January 30, 2013
    • Thank you Susan. We love you all so very much!

      January 30, 2013
  13. I cannot wait to learn more about Greenland! I learn so much from reading your blog – seems so different from my everyday life too. Congrats!

    January 29, 2013
  14. Leslee Tipping Stauffer #

    Yes, this is absolutely breathtaking. I am in awe with your ability to capture me, drawing me into this Thule hunters life in this harsh environment. Wonderful job, thank you.

    January 29, 2013
  15. Beautiful pictures, breathtaking frames and a very important story to tell about dark side of globalization. Gently combined with music. Bravo!

    January 29, 2013
  16. A. S. Ellis #

    Absolutely breathtaking! You’ve done a tremendous job (always have), and I can’t express how much I appreciate this exposure to a unique culture, people, and place! Thank you!

    January 29, 2013
    • Thank you A.S. Ellis! Truly, your words fill us up with gratitude. It is indeed an important story with many sad elements, thank you for taking interest and expressing it. All the best to you.

      January 29, 2013

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