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Raised in the small California beach towns of Carlsbad and Encinitas, Michelle Stauffer has always explored the artistic, academic and humanistic aspects of life. As a competitive dancer and ballerina for eighteen years, her childhood experiences strengthened her character and fostered her curiosity about people. As an avid writer and reader, Michelle puts her creativity and compassion into her love of writing, exploration of nature and studying the social importance of cultural traditions. Graduating from San Francisco State University with a BS in Molecular Biology and Chemistry, Michelle followed her passions into women’s health, becoming a Doula, and plans to pursue her interest in women’s rights issues. Combining her scholastic accomplishments with many international travel experiences, Michelle understands, on many levels, how the natural world is threatened, and why these stories of fragile habitats must be told now. Weaving her poetic outlook on life into her written narratives, she draws from the beauty of nature and those around her to encourage inspiration and awareness. Michelle is a Huffington Post Blogger and is published regularly on Huffington Post Green.

Michelle Stauffer


Mendocino, California native Justin Lewis was nurtured in the raw and rustic Pacific Northwest, where he honed a keen eye for capturing images that instill wonder and inspire action. At age 16, Lewis set off on the first of many solo international photo excursions, igniting a lifelong passion for adventure and cross-cultural exploration through photography. Having traveled to over forty five countries, Justin has woven photography seamlessly into his lifestyle of exploration and conservation. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography Justin made San Francisco his home base and began shooting commercial and editorial assignments for clients including; Islands, Sport Diver, AsianDiver, Trans-World Surf, Scuba Diver Australasia, The Undersea Journal and Caribbean Travel & Life magazine’s, PADI, Body Glove, The Ritz Carlton, Stanford University, Smithsonian, and The New Yorker. Justin’s imagery sells world wide through Getty Images and has been seen on billboards in Time Square, Seattle and Bangkok, on the side of buses, in national ad campaigns, magazine covers, and on television.


  1. Beautiful scenery. Don’t get the opportunity to see Arctic areas outside of National Geographic. The Greenlanders are a handsome people. The ones that fish, probably get a lot of excercise. It concerns me to hear of the disapations of the young people but many unfortunately do in the US also. Are their parents off working in another place?

    April 30, 2012
  2. hey you guys… i stumbled upon ur blog coz of freshly pressed and love it. great pictures! incidentally my blog is called seventy five degrees west so i love that someone also has seventy degrees west…;)
    great work. m following!

    April 16, 2012
  3. Michelle, My husband and myself met your father at a party this past weekend and he told me about your project! This is truly amazing..
    I am also a photographer, however a self taught one. I just got back from a 3 week trip in May to Peru. I worked high in the mountains photographing orphans for a organization called International Children’s Network. I loved the children and the people of Peru. Lake Titicaca was amazing!! All my best to you and Justin. If you want to see my work go to, or on facebook. Like me on facebook. I found your facebook page already!! Very nice. My blog is
    All my best to you in your up and coming project.. When do you leave?
    Joanne Heaviland

    January 25, 2012
    • Thank you Joanne! So lovely to meet you. Your website is great, so if your blog. You photographs of Peru are magical. Looking forward to seeing more of your travels.

      January 30, 2012
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