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through the lens

A great image requires a delicate combination of many things – light, timing, subject matter, composition, equipment, and skill. As a photographer and writer, our tools and talents dictate the results seen by a world audience. Hiking through dense woods, swarmed by biting insects, we wait for the moment when the light begins to dance. Although there is no formula for producing a stunning image, Justin would say it comes down to good use of light, a compelling subject matter, a creative composition, and the right lens. Photography tells a story through a single image. Images are changing the way we see the world, and we choose to dedicate our practice to effective and creative storytelling.

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earth’s natural resources

* Measuring 73 feet high and spanning the 695 foot wide gorge, the Ripogenous Dam was built in 1920 and initially constructed to control flow in the river for the movement of pulp. In the 1950‘s, a tunnel was drilled in the rock from the dam to McKay Station where driving turbines began providing hydroelectric power. The dam and power station are currently in use. Read more

nature: the greatest escape

*Chimney Pond, Baxter State Park, Maine Read more

the penobscot river, maine

“Not very many people take their families camping anymore,” she sighted. “People just don’t spend as much time out in nature on the rivers as they used to.” Susan Adams is the property manager at Big Eddy campground, a pristine camp nestled long the west branch of the Penobscot River in Maine. A warm breeze carries the misty rush of a nearby rapid, and is you pause just long enough, you can almost hear nature smiling.

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our story

Since announcing our project and boarding a plane bound for the northern most inhabited place on the planet, people ask us, how, why, and who are you two that you guys can do this? Sometimes I manage to answer these questions with an elegant interpretation, other times, I ask myself the same thing. Like many great things in life, sometimes they seem too far off in an unrealistic place that dreaming is the closest you get to them. For us, it came down to taking a leap of faith for something we believed in, embracing the risks, a bit of manifested luck, cultivating our talents and honing our passions into an idea described in a single sentence.

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